Names of Gems and precious Stones

The best place to learn about the rich and diverse world of gemstones is Rudratree Rudraksha and Gemstones, which is tucked away in the energetic metropolis of Bangalore. Led by the visionary Somasundaram Pillai, a distinguished surveyor for the state of Madras, Rudratree’s journey embodies a rich tradition that spans nearly a century. Our selection of gems offers a bewitching diversity of choices for both experienced and novice collectors, each with their own special beauty and mysterious qualities. With every transaction you make at Rudratree, learn about the advantages of wearing gemstones and the guarantee of authenticity.

A Spectrum of Magnificence: Our Selection of Gemstones
Rudratree provides a wide selection of gemstones, each with unique properties, histories, and advantages. We have the following valuable stones in our collection:

Ruby: Distinguished by its intense crimson color, Ruby is a bravery and vigor stone that is frequently worn to increase strength and vitality.
Sapphire: Sapphires come in a variety of hues and are prized for both their aesthetic appeal and the ability to help wearers focus and feel at ease.
Emerald: Preferred by academics and artists alike, this rich green stone is prized for its capacity to amplify intelligence and eloquence.
Diamonds are the hardest diamond that has ever been discovered by humans and are associated with sturdiness, love, and strength.
Pearl: Prized for their calming and balancing qualities, pearls are a symbol of purity and spiritual change.
Coral: Known for its protective properties, this vivid gemstone is thought to fend off bad forces.
Hessonite: Also known as "Gomed," Hessonite is highly regarded for reducing uncertainty and fostering financial success.
Cat's Eye: Renowned for shielding its wearer from unexpected threats and unseen foes, Cat's Eye is known for its captivating visual effect.
Genuineness and Excellence: Our Assured Future
We at Rudratree Rudraksha and Gemstones are aware that a gemstone's authenticity determines its actual value. We therefore take great care to guarantee that each gemstone we sell is real and of the greatest caliber. Our meticulous sourcing procedure include acquiring gemstones straight from the world's top mines and reliable sources. After that, each gemstone is carefully inspected and verified to ensure its genuineness.

Enhanced for Power: Traditional Indian Techniques
In addition to offering genuine gemstones, we guarantee that every stone is charged using age-old Vedic techniques. This entails using particular mantras and rituals that are in line with the Precious stones cosmic energies to cleanse and strengthen the gemstones. Through this procedure, the inherent qualities of the gemstones are enhanced and their energies are customized to provide the wearer with the greatest possible benefits.

Find Bangalore's Best Place to Purchase Gemstones
Rudratree Rudraksha and Gemstones is the only place in Bangalore where you can find genuine, premium gemstones. In addition to providing a large selection of gemstones, our store offers individualized services to assist you in choosing the ideal gem that complements your astrological requirements and personal tastes.

Experience the mystique and beauty of our gemstone selection by stopping by Rudratree Rudraksha and Gemstones. Choose the ideal gemstone that speaks to your soul and enriches your life's journey, whether you're looking for protection, wealth, or personal development. Take advantage of the advantages of wearing gemstones now, and allow their timeless allure to change your entire perspective.

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